Barre fitness craze may be coming to SAIT

At the Barre: Marlo Brausse, left, owner and instructor at Body Barre Studio, and Toni Nielsen, an instructor at Barre Body Studio, pose at the front desk in their barre fitness class studio in the Ramsay Design Centre in Calgary.

Barre, which is quickly becoming Calgary’s fitness craze of 2013, is starting to become more widely available to Calgarians throughout the city, and may soon be available on the SAIT campus for students.

Barre Body Studio, located in the Ramsay Design Centre in southeast Calgary, was the first studio in Calgary to offer Barre classes and boasts a large number of dedicated barre enthusiasts.

Marlo Brausse, who is currently working with the recreational facilities at SAIT in hopes of offering barre fitness classes to students on campus this winter, opened Barre Body Studio in June 2012, and she is an instructor at the studio.

“When I found barre exercises, and started doing them on a regular basis and noticing the benefits in my body, I thought this is just a wonderful thing to offer to Calgarians and bring it here so everyone can experience those benefits,” said Brausse.

With her vast knowledge of fitness, which ranges from playing softball throughout grade school, to practicing and teaching yoga, Brausse creates workouts for her students that are more fitness oriented as opposed to the traditional dance aspect of barre exercise.

“It’s more fitness focused, so less balletic and more focused on isometric movements and stuff where we work in a parallel position instead of a turned our position. A lot of people don’t have that flexibility through the hip.

“You don’t need a dance background at all to participate and gain from the benefits [of the classes],” said Brausse.

She believes barre is a great workout for all fitness levels, demographics, age groups, both men and women, and has greatly assisted many women in maintaining a certain level of fitness throughout their pregnancies.

“It’s amazing the community we’ve started to grow here. I really try to connect with people and make it a fun place to come where people feel welcome, because it can appear intimidating. Fitness should be fun and friendly, and we should all be supporting each other,” said Brausse.

Laura Kender, a first-year business administration student at SAIT, said she has tried barre a couple of times and loved it, but feels the pricetag attached to each class keeps her from going as much as she would like to.

“The classes are awesome and I always come away sore, especially the next day, but I really want to be able to go more.

“Because I’m a student I have a pretty small amount of extra cash each month, and I can’t afford to spend it all on [barre classes],” said Kender.

She is hopeful that, if the barre classes are successful at SAIT, there will be a discounted class for cash-starved students to indulge in.

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