The face behind the People Of YYC movement

Focused in Calgary: Erin Matheson, founder of @peopleofyyc, a rotation curation project based in Calgary.

Erin Matheson, a University of Waterloo graduate, may seem like an unlikely candidate to start the People of YYC movement.

She’s originally from Toronto, but thought it would be a good idea to start a social movement that would give Calgarians an opportunity to learn more about each other.

Every week, a new applicant will be selected to tweet from the @peopleofyyc Twitter page. They can say whatever they would like, and give people insight on themselves and what background they come from.

She says the concept of rotating between different people in a particular region is not an original one.

“I can’t really take credit for it. It’s a rotation curation project.

“The original one started in Sweden and got really big, but that one is actually run by the Swedish government,” she says.

However, Matheson is no stranger to rotation curation projects. She and a friend started the People of Kitchener-Waterloo rotation curation project as well.

“When I relocated out here permanently, I thought hey, why not start a people of Calgary?

“It’s a pretty big city. There’s a vibrant social media scene and everyone is relatively connected,” she says.

While Matheson may have moved to Calgary to start her career in the oil business, she says the idea of communication and marketing has always interested her.

“I’m not a PR or marketing major or anything.

“I’m just a social media geek in my own spare time,” she says.

Although Matheson states she doesn’t have a goal for the project, she says it’s all about “connecting people even if it’s just through twitter.”

“Calgary is a young city. It’s vibrant. It’s got that big city feel, but it hasn’t become overgrown yet.

“There’s lots of expats here that come from somewhere else. I think that contributes to the unique diversity I see,” she says.

Matheson says she hopes enough people are interested in the project to keep it running for at least a year.

This particular project has been up and running for three and a half months, and Matheson says she’s enjoyed watching how people use the account.

“Everybody has their own different subculture, but we’ve had students from different programs, local writers and artists.

“We’ve seen different sides to the city and the different types of people that live here,” she says.

Matheson says if anyone is interested in being a curator, they can email her at The email should include details such as the person’s name, a short blurb about themselves and their twitter handle.

She says having a Twitter handle is important for anyone interested in the project, as they might not understand the project well enough if they don’t.

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