Calgarians prefer the colour purple

After weeks of vigorous campaigning, Naheed Nenshi was resoundingly re-elected Oct. 21 as Calgary’s mayor for the next four years.

At a victory party at The Metropolitan Conference Centre, Nenshi celebrated his victory with the citizens of Calgary.

“Three years ago, I stood here and I talked about how Calgary is a place of boundless opportunity, of how the promise of our community is that every single kid in every single corner of the community has the opportunity right here to live a great Canadian life,” Nenshi said.

According to unofficial results posted on the Elections Calgary website, Nenshi finished with 74 per cent of the vote, compared to 21 per cent for his closest challenger, Jon Lord. Nine people were in the running for the mayor’s chair.

The new city council was also chosen that night, including four new members: Sean Chu, Evan Woolley, Joe Magliocca and Ward Sutherland.

In his victory speech, Nenshi expressed his appreciation to the people of Calgary.

“We were reminded of something this summer, and [that] is… the extraordinary nature of citizens who give their all – their hands, hearts, souls and minds – to help their neighbours every single day,” he said.

Another major aspect of Nenshi’s support and strength was his family, who were present at the victory party.

According to Sima Shivji, Nenshi’s aunt, two of the reasons Nenshi is so popular are his love for people and honesty.

“I think we need someone in Calgary who is honest. His priority is the people [of Calgary], and I’m very happy,” Shivji said.

Having given his thanks, Nenshi promised to work harder to resolve persistent issues such as transportation, the housing shortage, poverty and the need for new recreational facilities.

“[Calgarians want] a community of great livable, walkable neighbourhoods everywhere, a community of endless opportunity. Not a community of never ending sprawl [and] not a community of subsidized development, but a community about more choices for more people in more neighbourhoods everywhere,” Nenshi said.

During his weeks of campaigning before the elections, Nenshi said some of his main priorities post re-election include legalizing secondary suites, proving better housing opportunities for students in Calgary, and better transit options.

“We can do better. We can be even more focussed on citizens in all we do,” he said.

“The secret of our success in this community is very simple. It’s that we’ve learned a basic truth – we’re all in it together.”

Nenshi back on top: Naheed Nenshi thanks the crowd for all the support
Nenshi back on top: Naheed Nenshi thanks the crowd for all the support
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