Local developer makes parking a little easier with ParkBot app

Calgary software developer John Gozde aims to simplify the parking process in the city with the development of his new app called ParkBot.

The app helps Android devices users start a parking session with the Calgary Parking Authority’s (CPA) ParkPlus system.

Gozde, 28, a graduate of the University of Calgary with a degree in software engineering,  is working as a software developer in web applications for a developer in Calgary.

He began developing the ParkBot app as a side project after finding the ParkPlus system of paying by SMS or automated phone call too tedious.

“I found it was clumsy,” explained Gozde. “I thought there must be an easier way to do it, so I tried to make ParkBot as streamlined as possible.”

CPA has a MyParking app that works in conjunction with ParkPlus for iPhone users, but has failed to deliver an app for Android devices. Gozde got tired of waiting for CPA to release one, so he decided to develop his own.

Gozde is the founder and sole contributor to the company behind the ParkBot app, Conjure Software, which he created in January 2013 as a way for him to work on developing apps that he could use himself.

With a number of side-projects outside of his regular work, Gozde decided to bundle them all under one roof.

“I love my job,” says Gozde, “I kept finding ways of doing it in my spare time, so that’s why I started Conjure. “

ParkBot is currently the first and only app by Conjure for sale and in use, but Gozde revealed he is “exploring other ideas.”

ParkBot is available on the Google Play store, with a “lite” version for free, and the full paid version for $1.49.

I thought there must be an easier way to do it, so I tried to make ParkBot as streamlined as possible. – John Gozde

The full version includes notifications before the expiry of the parking session, a feature which is not available on CPA’s iPhone app.

ParkBot uses CPA’s existing SMS communication through ParkPlus, so users have to be signed up with the SMS system to use the app.

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