Rocking out at the Calgary Gem and Mineral Show

The third annual Calgary Gem and Mineral Show came back to town Oct. 19-20 at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

Organized by Gem Show Canada Inc. , the show is a platform for exhibitors to showcase gems, minerals, rocks, fossils and jewelry from all around the world.

Vendors and participants agree that the show continues to grow and attract more people every year.

Show founder Alex Kuznetsov, 40, a Russian-born geologist, was forced to sell his collection when he moved to Canada in 2003 but he  quickly became involved in the rock collecting community in Canada.

Kuznetsov joined the Calgary Rock and Lapidary show in 2009 but was unable to share his collection in the club’s shows due to strong demand. He decided to start his own show where exhibitors can  showcase their collections to the public.

“The show has grown bigger than I originally thought.  It’s exciting to see more people every year,” said Kuznetsov.

“We  need to look into a bigger venue, it can get pretty packed in there.”

Alberta rock and gem dealer Darrell Jasperfay  also showcased his collection of fine minerals and stones last weekend. Jasperfay operates Bushman’s Bin in Caroline, Ab. and he said that a big show is the best time to be a rock enthusiast.

“It’s a great opportunity for new vendors to show off what they have and make some connections. It also  has some of the best prices one will find anywhere, I think that’s why it keeps getting busier,” says Jasperfay.

“Collectors are all over the place, and you wouldn’t even know it until you start talking to them, and that’s what the show does… it brings  people from all walks of life together to share their passion.”

The Alberta Gold Prospectors Association showcased a gold panning demonstration.

The participants each received a bag of riverbed soil and a gold panning lesson from an instructor for $8. Gold from the Yukon and Alberta was added to the bags, and people were allowed to keep any gold they found during the demonstration.

The show has grown bigger than I originally thought.  It’s exciting to see more people every year. – Alex Kuznetsov

With the show’s popularity gaining momentum every year, Kuznetsov believes that the Calgary Gem and Mineral Show will continue to bring more people to share the interest in earthly oddities.

“I’m very happy with how the show is going and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring,” says Kuznetsov.

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