SAITSA prepares for Movember

It’s that time of year again; the time for greasy, dirty and possibly award winning moustaches to come out to play.

It’s Movember and the SAIT Students Association (SAITSA) is prepared to raise money and awareness for men’s health.

During the month of November, men are encouraged to grow out their facial hair to sport a moustache. Hence the name, “Mo”- vember.

“We’ve set up a Movember page, and we do an event in the Atrium Nov. 1 where we encourage people to shave whatever facial hair they have to put forth donations,” says SAITSA President Tegan Cochrane.

“We’ll be wearing our (fake) moustaches and going about promoting what Movember is all about and try to raise as much money as possible from an institutional standpoint for prostate cancer,” she continues.

“One of the main incentives to grow a moustache is for prostate cancer and any cancers below the waist,” says Thomas Cruickshank, SAITSA VP Academic.

“There needs to be more awareness around those cancers because men don’t tend to talk about their health, and it’s really starting to hurt us,” he continues.

SAITSA plans to promote Movember using social media, including their Facebook page and @saitsa on Twitter.

“There’s a launch party Nov. 1, the wrap-up party on the 29th, and then we’re going to be doing different things throughout the month as well,” says Amanda Hanna, VP Student Life.

SAITSA’s goal is to raise $5,000 for cancers below the waist.

“The $5,000 goal is achievable,” says Hannah. “We can do it.”

SAITSA is urging people to start a team within the SAIT network to raise as much money as they can for men’s health. 25 people have already signed up before November, and SAITSA is hoping for more.

“There will be prizes at the end of the month,” Hanna explains.

“So we’re looking at a couple different contests right now, we haven’t really hammered out the details yet but, there are going to be prizes for the team who raises the most money as well.”

For SAITSA, the most important thing is to raise awareness throughout the month.

“We’re just kind of hoping that no matter what, if people want to full-on do the facial hair, or whether they just want to do awareness, either way we really just want them to sign up and get involved, so that they know the benefits of kind of helping out with men’s health and getting the awareness out there,” Hanna says.

Moustaches won’t go unrecognized, and will hopefully be judged at the end of the month wrap-up party.

There needs to be more awareness around those cancers because men don’t tend to talk about their health, and it’s really starting to hurt us. – Thomas Cruickshank

“We’d like to (have a competition), that’s still something that’s kind of in the works right now,” Hanna says.

“I know that they’ve tried to do it in the past and it hasn’t had a huge turnout so we’re just trying to figure out what’s going to work best.”

For more information on Movember at SAIT, check out here, and for a calendar of events click here.

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