New University Television: “You aren’t going to get a better deal anywhere else in this country.”

New University Television (NUTV), according to producer and progam director, Sameena Darr is “a digital production facility.”

“We are a training facility that is open to the student body for $10 a year, and to the general public for $30 a year.”

The facility trains members in media related skills, focusing on: writing, reporting, editing, producing, directing and operating the camera for NUTV’s live show, Full Frontal.

Darr says it was the skills she learned at NUTV, as a student, that helped her get a job two weeks after graduating with a BA in Communications. She calls the skills she learned “invaluable” and “transferable to nearly every industry.”

Darr encourages people saying, NUTV is a program people should take advantage of, because Calgarians “aren’t going to get a better deal anywhere else in this country”

“I’ve looked in other cities. I’ve looked in Vancouver. I’ve looked in Toronto, and to train on the equipment that we have here. You’re looking at a minimum $300 weekend workshop in any other city. Here, we charge $10 a year. All you have to do is come haul cables for two PA credits and then you get training – which is pretty much unheard of anywhere else.”

Darr explains that NUTV is not only beneficial to members, but also to guests. She explains that it’s a platform for emerging artists in any field and that NUTV tends to report on stories “that might get swept under the rug by mainstream media.”

NUTV typically features one musical act, one comedian and one special guest on their show live show Full Frontal.

Rising Star: Calgary hip hop artist, SINZERA, performs her new single "Champion" on the NUTV life show on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013. SINZERE is dropping her new EP album early in the 2014 year. (Photo by Zehra Tajouri/The Press)
Rising Star: Calgary hip hop artist SINZERA performs her new single “Champion” on NUTV. SINZERE is releasing her new EP album early in 2014. (Photo by Zehra Tajouri/The Press)

The facility also boasts of the many members who’ve made it big in the Canadian media, including Michael Dowse, Gary Burns and Heather Yourex.

While the program is hosted in the University of Calgary – there have been many SAIT students who’ve taken advantage of the training that NUTV has provided over the years.

Taylor Ross, the executive director at NUTV, is one of those students.

Ross says that she started at NUTV before joining SAIT, but said she remained a member as she completed her SAIT Film and Video Production diploma.

She adds that the training she received at NUTV put her ahead of the curve with her classmates, “in terms of skills.”

“I had lots of practice in editing, camera operating and reporting – practice from doing stuff here.”

Ross says NUTV and SAIT are “very intertwined,” and adds that SAIT may offer the lessons, but NUTV is where they offer the practice.

“The skills offered are such technical skills. They improve when you get to practice them but it’s hard to improve and develop those skills if you don’t have access to the gear.”

NUTV can be found on the third floor of MacEwan hall in the University of Calgary, around the corner from the ballroom.

Anyone is welcome to join, and in specific regard to SAIT students – Ross says “we’d love to have them.”

Beatlemania: Beatles professor, James Istvanffy, brings his Beatles vinyl collection on stage with him as he is interviewed by DJ Dustin Whetton for NUTV's live show on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013. (Photo by Zehra Tajouri/The Press)
Beatlemania: Beatles professor James Istvanffy, left, brings his Beatles vinyl collection on stage with him as he is interviewed by DJ Dustin Whetton. (Photo by Zehra Tajouri/The Press)
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