Trojans runners ready for nationals

The SAIT Trojans’ cross-country runners are ready for nationals after a successful weekend at the provincial championships.

The championship was held at Concordia University College of Alberta in Edmonton. The Trojans women’s team captured gold for the first time in over a decade and the men’s team  took home a silver medal.

Trojans coach, Jamie Grant, explained that there’s a positive vibe in both teams and everyone’s collectively preparing for nationals.

“The vibes are good, the morals are high all around, and everyone’s excited for nationals.”

The women’s team taking home the gold didn’t come as a shock to the ACAC cross-country community, as the girls won three of the four Grand Prix tournaments prior to the provincials.

The men’s team earning a medal over the weekend certainly wasn’t a guarantee, but Grant and the rest of team were happy to walk away with silver.

“We knew it was attainable, and we’re definitely happy to take home silver,” Grant said.

Grant credited the team for an overall stellar collective effort but pointed out a couple of  notable runners from the squads for a special praise.

“Everyone ran really well over the weekend but there were a couple of  runners like Sara Hewitt, [first-year diagnostic medical sonography student], and Matt Vrielink, [first-year electronic engineering technology student], who ran faster than previous tournaments,” he said.

Grant expects more of the same, and wants to continue  on the same training and preparation program leading into the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association National Championship, which will be held in Toronto at Humber College from Nov. 8-9.

“It’s going to be more of the same, we’ve given [the runners] a bit of a break this week, and we’ll get back into practice next week,” said Grant.

Grant expects runners all around, including his SAIT Trojans, to bring their A-game to Humber College.

“I’m thinking everyone’s going to take another step and have a good performance at nationals,” he explained.

SAIT women’s team is ranked  first  going into the national’s tournament, and Grant expects them to live up to their ranking.

“I’m expecting and hoping that  the girls will win gold,” he said.

Meanwhile, the men’s roster is currently ranked  seventh going into the tournament, but Coach Grant sees a medal for his boys as an attainable goal.

The vibes are good, the morals are high all around, and everyone’s excited for nationals. – Jamie Grant

Following the tournament, Grant was awarded his second consecutive ACAC Cross-Country Running Coach of the Year award.

Keep up with Grant and the rest of the cross-country team leading into the national’s tournament here.

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