PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: console warfare

Xbox versus PlayStation is a battle as old as game consoles themselves.

With the launch of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) this month, gamers are getting ready to defend their favoured gaming platform.

“I’m not getting it immediately but I will be paying the extra cash for the Xbox One. It comes with Xbox exclusives plus I have my achievements stocked up. Why would I start over,” said EB Games sales associate Brynn Tarnowsky on the eve of the PS4 rollout.

Sony rented out an entire New York City hotel for the release of the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 14.

Microsoft has retaliated by placing a giant Xbox One in major cities across Canada leading up to their release the following week on Nov. 22.

This is as good a sign as any that the gaming cold war is about to become a full-blown console warfare, with the eighth generation of these consoles ready to hit stores.

“I think the PS4 will do better in sales,” said Tarnowsky.

“Microsoft kind of shot itself in the face with the bad presentation at E3,” laughed Tarnowsky who despite the presentation still stands by her favoured console.

There are many similarities between these latest and greatest gaming consoles as well as a few differences.

Both consoles are moving towards a more PC-like architecture that will make it easier in developing new games but the consensus has come down to the PS4 as a more powerful console than the Xbox One.

Getting past the better graphics and faster processors both consoles will offer a better social connection through Facebook. This will allow gamers to interact with friends and even friends of friends.

Unlike the PS3, the PS4 will require users to pay a fee for online gaming as part of their PlayStation plus program. This cost will ring up to $49.99 for the year or $17.99 for three months.

Xbox gold live allows for online multiplayer as well as access to Skype and other entertainment apps for just about $60 a year.

A unique feature for the PS4 will be the remote and cross-play function with the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s mobile device. Though it was available with the PS3 Sony has promised it will be a bigger aspect in the next generation.

Xbox gamers can look forward to have a new and improved Kinect sensor included with the Xbox one. It will now take less space to operate and is more sensitive than the past generation.

The Xbox One also includes an HDMI pass-through which can be used to control your TV with voice commands.

Sony has created a market for serious gamers with the new touches on the PS4 and its focus on graphical horsepower and indie games, while Microsoft is aiming at a wider market calling its console an all-in-one entertainment device.

“The PS4 is cheaper and you can finally charge the controllers while it’s on standby. I don’t have to leave it powered on all day,” said Anthony Sykes, who is excited to pick up his pre-ordered PS4 first thing Friday morning.

“Basically instead of waiting to procrastinate I can procrastinate the second I get home,” jokes Sykes.

Most gamers have already taken sides having pre-ordered one if not both of the new console months prior to the release.

Microsoft kind of shot itself in the face with the bad presentation at E3. – Brynn Tarnowsky

With the holiday season coming up fast Sony and Microsoft have shifted their focus to the non-gamers such as parents who are searching for that perfect Christmas gift.

The PS4 will sell at $399 and the Xbox One will be selling at $499 at its release. Both consoles will be available for trial plays before purchase in select locations.

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