Hot tempers on an icy mountain

A fight broke out on the slopes at Nakiska Mountain Resort on Sunday, Nov. 10, with one man leaving in an ambulance.

Calgary snowboarder Chris Bungay found himself in a tussle with a few skiers at the Gold chair lift on the mountain. He sustained minor injuries from the disagreement while another skier ended up with a concussion and badly bruised face.

“As soon as I got hit, I was mad… I tried to talk to him before  but I don’t care for being pushed and punched. I went to hit him back, and someone grabbed my throat…after that I sort of tunnel-visioned and started swinging.”

Bungay said he was about to go on a jump when he was cut off  by another skier. When he spoke to the skier about nearly hitting him, he received a rude response.

“I just told the guy that he should watch where he was going in case, he hit someone else, but it got ridiculous. He started yelling and swearing at me, taunting me to fight him,” said Bungay.

He said that  the skier, who refused to be named, called to Bungay, telling him to unstrap from his board and speak to him, but would ski away before anything was done. Bungay continued down the mountain thinking that  the incident was over.

Eventually, the two met up in the lineup for the Gold chair lift. Bungay then approached the skier again who retaliated by pushing, and yelling obscenities.  The taunting and instigation let to the first punch being thrown at Bungay.

Amid the commotion, Bungay knocked another skier down, and accidently kicked him in the face. This man was eventually taken from the mountain by ambulance for treatment for a concussion and bruising to his face and neck.

Many of the skiers and snowboarders present there  gossiped and even laughed off  quickly intensifying the argument, but quieted down when they realized someone had been hurt.

“Normally, someone says, “hey you almost hit me”, and the other person says back “oh sorry, my bad” and then we all get along. I guess today they just weren’t willing to blow it off,” says Mitch Hallet, a snowboarder who watched the majority of the incident unfold.

Shortly after the initial fight, Bungay was approached by a member of the Nakiska Ski Patrol, who confronted Bungay as he was trying to walk away and calm himself.

The Ski Patroller was unwilling to comment or to be named.

I guess today they just weren’t willing to blow it off. – Mitch Hallet

The skier who had originally taunted and attacked Bungay was removed from the mountain as both he and Bungay spoke to police officers about the incident. However, no charges were laid in the incident.

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