Sony PlayStation 4 has gamers up late in anticipation

The release of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 gaming console had Calgary gamers lined up outside of stores for the product’s midnight release the morning of Friday, Nov. 15.

The launch had people lining up for hours in anticipation outside of the EB Games in Calgary’s North Hill Shopping Centre.

Around 40 people began lining up for the midnight release, some arriving nearly five hours early.

“I’ve been waiting all year for this,” said 28-year-old Tegan Mullins, who came to the mall immediately following his supper and had been waiting for close to five hours in order to secure his spot near the front of the line.

Mullins identified himself as an avid gamer, and explained that he was willing to wait if it means he’ll be one of the first in Calgary to play the new system.

“It’s a bit about bragging rights,” explained Mullins, “and a bit about rubbing my new PS4 in the faces of my friends who are waiting for the new X-Box.”

Others in line were visibly more excited and were growing increasingly more impatient. Kyle Hewitt, 18, was among them, beaming from ear-to-ear and barely able to stand still while waiting with two of his friends.

“I wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight anyways. It feels like Christmas morning!”

Besides the time invested in waiting for the console, fans had to cough up $399 for the PS4, which is a small price to pay according to some buyers.

“I’ll pay $400 for this any day of the week,” laughed Hewitt. “The PS3 was double the price on release day, so this feels like nothing.”

Hewitt and his friends were keen to test out the console’s online features, each of them leaving with a PS4 tucked under an arm.

I preordered the PS4 months ago after it was announced. – Kyle Hewitt.

The PlayStation 4 is Sony’s contribution to the new generation of gaming consoles, kicked off by Nintendo’s Wii U a year ago, and to be followed up by Microsoft’s Xbox One on Friday, Nov. 22nd.

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