Startup Calgary aids student entrepreneurs

Startup Calgary, a Calgary non-profit organization, held an event to promote local startups earlier this month.

The launch party was held, for the fourth consecutive year, at the University of Calgary’s MacEwan Students Centre, to showcase the top technology startups in the city.

Startup Calgary’s director, Hisham Al-Shurafa, described a startup as “a team that is turning a vision into a reality, and it’s a vision that can disrupt a certain industry, or change how people work and communicate.

“Basically, you have a vision and you want to start, and you get the best people around you to turn that vision into a reality.”

The non-profit organization’s main focus is bringing local startups together, mostly from the software industry.

But it also accepts non-technology industry startups, in order to showcase them to fellow entrepreneurs and investors and to help them grow as businesses.

Current post-secondary students in Calgary, or those who have finished school and wish to pursue a startup of their own, are also provided help, because, according to Al-Shurafa, “there’s so much to learn, right?”

“As a student, I wanted a startup, and I didn’t know where to start.

“We teach about a few things, like how to make sure that you’re building something that people want, because that’s the first mistake people make. You have an idea, you’re so passionate about it, and then you sit in front of your computer and you do it… finally, you try to get people to use it and nobody cares,” he said.

Startup Calgary was founded in 2010, and the organization has been holding programs and events, such as launch party event, in order to promote technology startups in the city.

Entrepreneur: Douglas Hagedorn of Invici Technologies is one of the speakers at the event.
Entrepreneur: Douglas Hagedorn of Invici Technologies is one of the speakers at the event. (Photo by Leo Aragon/The Press)
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