Take an inner city break this winter at Boxwood Cafe

This holiday season, Boxwood Cafe is offering a little escape from the city without actually having to leave the city.

Nestled in Central Memorial Park, on 13th Avenue S.W. just east of 4th Street and surrounded by trees covered in Christmas lights, Boxwood Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite or sit down for a meal.

A popular choice for the business crowd at lunchtime, Boxwood is especially busy in the summer with its great view of the park, patio and the garden in which the cafe grows its own fresh ingredients.

Manger Chad Pitura, who has been working at Boxwood for 18 months, highly recommends coming down in the winter time though because of the restaurant’s cozy and welcoming feel.

“It’s a unique setting. It’s local food that you can feel good about eating, and we offer community style seating so its friendly and comfortable,” says Pitura, explaining that Boxwood is almost magical around Christmas time.

“There’s something about coming here when the snow is all fallen and the lights are all on the trees,” he says.

“We’re kind of in our own little world over here.”

Although there are menu items that remain the same year round, Boxwood changes the majority of its menu monthly, if not more frequently, to incorporate seasonal ingredients.

Boxwood operates on a first come first served basis and does not accept reservations, but Pitura stresses that it is not a long wait for a table.

There’s something about coming here when the snow is all fallen and the lights are all on the trees. – Chad Pitura

Boxwood Cafe offers an annual Christmas party pack that features hummus, chickpeas, poppycock, and house made crackers, which serves about six.

If you prefer to come down to the restaurant, they also offer Holiday Kitchen Parties for people who book the café, or a community table for events.

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