Reuben and the Dark joins roster at top indie record label

Distance Bullock, drummer for Reuben and the Dark in Downtown Calgary. (Photo by Dylan Streifel/Sait Polytechnic)
Distance Bullock, drummer for Reuben and the Dark in Downtown Calgary. (Photo by Dylan Streifel/The Press)

Calgary based solo artist Distance Bullock has recently been signed to Arts and Crafts records with his band Reuben and the Dark.

Bullock started Reuben and the Dark with his brother Reuben Bullock.

“It’s an absolute privilege to have been accepted within the Calgary music scene over the past decade,” says Distance Bullock.

“Like anything worth pursuing, having any degree of success in music has not come easily, and certainly not overnight,” he said in an interview.

“Reuben and the Dark have been incredibly fortunate in that every member of the band has dedicated much of their lives to the collective goal of creating and moving forward musically,” said Bullock.

Reuben and the Dark’s music consists of folk rock with an emphasis on vocal harmonies and emotion.

“It is a constant creative and working process that leads us ever-nearer to sustainable success,” said Bullock.

Bullock has been active in the Calgary music scene for quite some time.

“The differences between performing and creating in a band vs. solo are nearly incomparable,” he explained.

Arts and Crafts Records was first formed by Canadian music heavyweight Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene and record executive Jeffrey Remedios.

It started as an independent release label that has since expanded to include the most recognized indie bands in Canada. For a while it was exclusive to artists only of Broken Social Scene.

“I honestly don’t know where to begin expressing how honored I feel to be a part of the family at Arts and Crafts.” – Distance Bullock.

“From the bands that we share the label roster with, to every individual employee and associate of A&C, I cannot speak highly enough,” Bullock added.

Distance Bullock is currently lives with music producer A City of Bridges (Rob Albus) with whom he shares an appetite for writing and composing music.

“The opportunity to live with a fellow artist has been amazing. I have always held Rob (A City Of Bridges) in high regard for his abilities and musical expertise,” said Bullock.

He is also working on a few other projects.

“I will be releasing a live audio, short film style video, shot by Brock Mitchell in the early New Year,” Bullock said.

“As the success of Reuben and the Dark has been my number one priority for quite some time, I expect I will not release my solo record for quite some time.”

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