Speed dating a hot date for Valentine’s this year

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally considered a special occasion for couples and people in love, SAITSA wants to spice that theory up by organizing a speed dating event for its students.

The event is all set for Tuesday, Feb. 11 between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. at The Odyssey coffee shop in the SAIT Campus Centre.

Amanda Hanna, SAITSA vice president of Student Life, said the event has been taking place once a semester for the past two years and “the main highlights are getting to meet new people and experience something different.”

According to Hanna, speed dating typically involves a meet-and-greet between a guy and girl, who sit down for four minutes and have a conversation.

These four minutes, Hanna explained, are for the two to get to know one another, after which they change partners and do the same thing again.

The idea is for every guy and girl to meet only once.

As stated on the website, after each four-minute date, students are required to fill in a brief form and give their partner a thumbs up, or a thumbs down.

If both people check yes, “we will give you each other’s contact info,” the site says.

“They [the students] really love it,” Hanna said.

“For a lot of students it has nothing to do with meeting ‘the one.’ They just like to meet people outside of their program and socialize.”

While the event is available to all ACAD and SAIT students on campus, its popularity and the demand for spots are quite evident, as tickets have been selling fast.

As of the start of February, tickets were “almost sold out so students must be looking forward to it,” Hanna said.

With limited spots available, Hanna recommended that the students interested in attending the event should book their tickets as soon as possible at http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/saitsa-speed-dating-tickets-9800394243.

For further information on the Speed Dating event, please visit the SAITSA website at www.saitsa.com or contact Amanda Hanna at saitsa.vpstudentlife@edu.sait.ca.

Speed Dating: SAITSA vice-president of student life Amanda Hanna in The Odyssey in the SAIT Campus Centre. (Photo by Yashica Anandani/The Press)
Speed Dating: SAITSA vice-president of student life Amanda Hanna at The Odyssey in the SAIT Campus Centre. (Photo by Yashica Anandani/The Press)
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