Financial literacy topic of student workshops

SAIT Polytechnic hosts workshops to help students succeed in both their upcoming careers and everyday life.
One of these workshops includes SAIT’s Money Management Workshop Series, a session designed to help students gain skills and knowledge to be on top of their finances.

Held at the Chinook Lodge Aboriginal Resource Centre in the Senator Burns building, the Money Management Workshop Series includes five workshops to help students enhance their knowledge of money management.

Lasting from Jan. 15th to Feb. 12th, the workshop series covered subjects like everyday budgeting, assets, banking, credits and consumerism.

“It turned out to be better than what I expected,” said Tia Isaac, a second-year Business Administration student.

Isaac has been attending all the workshops.  She loves that they are informative and hands on.

“You get a lot out of the workshops,” Isaac said.

Held in a group setting, the workshops encourage debate between students and provide useful activity booklets.

Gabrielle Lindstrom, Chinook Lodge Centre co-ordinator, taught the Feb. 5th workshop class that focused on credit.

“Credit doesn’t have good thoughts associated with it but good credit is essential to getting a house, renting, and getting loans,” said Lindstrom.

Consumerism was the topic of the final Feb. 12th workshop session.  It taught students about the impact money and spending habits have on a person’s financial security and overall happiness.

Students that had attended all of the workshops receive their very own Certificate of Participation.

Other SAIT run student workshops include PREP 100 – The SAIT Experience, S.T.E.P. into SAIT, and Back on Track.

For more information on past and upcoming workshops SAIT’s workshop page here.

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