Is Facebook ‘uncool?’ Not with Calgarians

Is Facebook losing steam?

With millions of people logging on to the popular social media website every week, Facebook looks to be as healthy as ever on its 10 birthday, which arrived on Feb. 4.

But according to new comScore data obtained exclusively by the U.S. website Digiday, Facebook appears to be losing its edge, particularly among the young.

The social media site was created by Mark Zuckerberg originally for use by his fellow students at Harvard.

But Facebook’s penetration among U.S. college-aged adults (age 18 to 24) decreased by three percentage points to 88.6 per cent in November, 2013 from February, 2013, comScore found.

Facebook remained the most widely used social network on North American college campuses, but it’s cool factor among college-aged adults has indeed diminished.

The site was originally exclusive to their school campus, but today it attracts users from across the world using the website and its apps.

Calgarians interviewed on Facebook’s birthday still like using the site.

“I use Facebook about 15 minutes a day on average,” said mother Shikha Yabav.

“I’ve been using Facebook the same amount I did last year.

“I also use LinkedIn, because it’s professional and it helps with work, I use it far less than I do Facebook, maybe around once or twice a week.”

Many Facebook users such as Yabav use the social media platform only a few times a week, but they have also been long-time members of this web community.

“I probably only look at Facebook around two or three times a week,” said Bill O’Brien of southwest Calgary.

“As far as last year goes,” said O’Brien, “I probably used it the same amount as I do now.”

Office worker Rosemarie Victoria logs on about as often as O’Brien and Yabav.

“I’d say that in a week, I would probably only use it once, and let’s say in a month, around three to four times,” said Victoria.

“I’ve been using Facebook more often recently, unlike previous years due to, let’s just say, friendly peer pressure.

“I don’t use any other social networking websites like Twitter or LinkedIn as far as any social media outlets outside of Facebook goes, unless you count Viber.”

According to Jennifer Wadsworth, Canadians are apparently the most active Facebook users out there.

Ten years: Rosemarie Victoria, an office worker, says she has been on Facebook for a while but not very frequently.
Ten years: Rosemarie Victoria, an office worker, says she has been on Facebook for a while but not very frequently.
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