Beautiful art at affordable prices goal of Calgary painter

Custom art in Calgary is not as hard to find as some may think.

Artist Bana Mohensi designs specialized artwork for affordable prices.

“I have decided to share my journey (as an artist) with other people, and bring their interests and their passions and influence into my work,” Mohensi, a Calgary mother and artist, said in a recent interview.

She feels that most artists are more interested in sharing their own vision than collaborating with other people.

Mohensi prefers to develop a personal and direct interest with her clients, so that she can truly offer custom artwork.

“I am not an interior designer, I am an artist, a painter.”

Mohensi does have a background in interior design, but has used those acquired skills to complement natural artistic talent.

She moved to Vancouver from Iran about 10 years ago, and worked on the coast with interior designers to stage, photograph and decorate homes.

She began showing her artwork to the designers, who were impressed with her talent, and began taking interest in her work.

“I thought maybe the paintings were like a new view, a new window inside the house, especially in Vancouver, where the apartments are very small and not colorful,” says Mohensi of her inspiration to begin a career in designing custom artwork.

“Different colours bring different energies, especially when matched with other things inside the house.

“It creates energy movement.”

Mohensi takes pride in each and every job she does, by taking the time to really get to know her clients.

She says that the best parts of her job are communicating with people, and bringing their passion and interests into her style.

“It really makes different stories, and brings lots of moments to my work, and I love that,” she says.

Mohensi’s enthusiasm is evident as she explains a driving force behind her decision to make a living out of her artist abilities.

“I have decided to share my journey with other people, and bring their interests and their passions and influence into my work.” -Bana Mohensi

“When I was younger, I had this fantasy that if you could draw or paint an exact feeling, it could be spiritual…and allow [you] to travel to a metaphysical world… and travel to any time,” she says.

One of her talents is to create what she refers to as “twin” pieces.

These pieces involve taking an identical color palette, similar shapes and styles and sharing them among two canvases.

“They are like lovers, or twins – complementary.”

Mohensi explains that even if the twins travel to different countries, she believes that one day they could find each other – an idea that she finds inspiring and beautiful.

She has several twins that reside in national museums, mostly separated from their other halves.

Even with the idea of twins, Mohensi’s art would be impossible to replicate. Her style is a unique blend of cubism, abstract, and motion painting.

She is, however, a classically-trained artist who is skilled in realistic and life drawing.

Mohensi says that she likes to be “playful, shifting from traditional art, to abstract, to life drawing and digital artwork”.

“I become passionate and get more energy when I’m working because I’m so in love with painting.”

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