SAIT students get a break this Reading Week

With Reading Week fast approaching, many full-time SAIT students can look forward to a little holiday.

Along with Family Day on Feb. 17, Reading Week begins at SAIT on Feb. 18 and ends on Feb. 21.

Like many other students, SAIT Business Administration student Karam Naif is looking forward to the break.

“I don’t have to wake up early, so that’s good,” says Naif.

“Eat, work, lift, drink or party in general, I’m all for it.”

Not only are students looking forward to Reading Week, but staff and faculty at SAIT are also anticipating the fast approaching break, although most will still be on campus, marking and catching up on other work.

“I’ll still be working because I’m a staff, so I’ll be right here helping students if they ask,” says Valerie Rivollier, a SAIT petroleum technology instructor.

Even though there are no classes for most programs, food vendors and certain buildings on campus will still be open for staff and students who need them.

SAIT campus will be closed on Family Day though.

Not all full-time programs have the week off. If you are wondering if your program has Reading Week, speak with your academic chair or check your MySAIT account.

Eat, work, lift, drink or party in general. I’m all for it. – Karam Naif

The possibilities are endless for those who are unsure of what to do with their break.

The mountains look beautiful this time of year, and might be just the place to go for some serious recreation. Maybe read that book you’ve been dying to get into.

You can head home and see your family and friends again. The week is free, unless you  have slacked off on homework.

Perhaps get to that homework before Family Day. Or stay up all night on Feb. 23, before class starts again. It’ll be our little secret.

So kick back, relax and enjoy a week of freedom.

For more information, check out SAIT’s official website.

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