Fall convocation this year a first for SAIT

SAIT students will have the option to celebrate their graduation in the fall, for this first time this year.

In addition to the regular spring convocation ceremomies on June 10 and 11, SAIT will be hosting one in the fall, on Oct. 16, says Jennifer Bennett, the registrar and director of student services for the institute. and one in the spring.

SAIT’s spring convocation will be for all students graduating before Aug. 30.

“Convocation is important for all students,” Bennett said in an interview. “It’s to highlight and celebrate their successes.

“It’s a time to celebrate with family, friends, facility members, and staff in general.”

Bennett said the fall convocation was added, to give everyone graduating from SAIT the chance to mark their achievement.

“We are looking and planning as we move forward. The intent is for everyone to have the opportunity to celebrate,” she said.

“As we continue to grow, the number of convocations will grow as well.”

SAIT Graphic Communications and Print Technology student Jenn Barrett is graduating and will convocate in June.

Barrett explained that she would approve of convocations whenever applicable to help students experience the graduation ceremonies.

“Actually going through the ceremonies gives you that feeling of accomplishment,” told Barrett.

Bennett said SAIT will now have two convocations because of a peak in interest from students who want to be involved in their graduation.

Convocation is important for all students.” – Jennifer Bennett

SAIT had many students before now who could not get the chance to attend their graduation ceremonies because of waiting list difficulties.

“We have noticed over the past few years that more and more students are interested in attending the ceremonies and it’s exciting,” continued Bennett.

“They just want to showcase their successes to everyone.”

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