SAIT cookbook launched with night of culinary delights

It was a night of culinary delights for faculty and guests at the SAIT cookbook launch party on Jan. 29. at the Downtown Culinary Campus.

The four-seasons-themed cookbook launch party saw SAIT culinary and hospitality students prepare decadent desserts, complimentary food, beverage pairings and creative table settings.

“This is actually the first cookbook that our school has embarked upon to create,” said Tom Bornhorst, Dean of SAIT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism, who headed up the planning of the cookbook.

The theme of the party was also a tribute to the cookbook which is features recipes for the four seasons.

The cookbook, which sells for $40 on campus, was put together collaboratively by faculty members of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, with the exception of a few outside groups.

Perry Thompson Photography provided the food photography, while Nancy Boyle and the Montana Creatives provided the food styling.

“As much heart and soul we put into the food and the recipes, [Thompson and Boyle] put into the organization and photography,” said Chef Michael Dekker, instructor at The Market, who was in charge of organizing recipes in the book for the winter season.

Bornhorst shares that the majority of the ingredients used in the book’s recipes are easy to find locally.

The book was made to be festive and friendly for those hosting friends and family from home, all year round.

Although some recipes were more simple, others were more advanced for the culinary artist who likes a good challenge.

“There’s really something for everyone,” said Dekker.

“I think what sets this apart is the creativity and the man-power, and the fact that there were 25 top chefs from the cooking side involved in this collaboration,” said Cindy Findlay, academic chair for SAIT’s School of Baking and Pastry Arts, and the project lead for the cookbook.

The book offers hearty soup recipes for the fall and winter months and sizzling back yard barbecue recipes for the spring and summer months.

“With it being a seasons cookbook, you can really cook with it all year round, and so I think we’re very proud as a faculty,” says Dekker.

Each recipe in the book is also paired with a dessert and beverage that compliments each flavour for the delectable palate, as well as creative setting ideas.

The recipes also provide deep, rich colours for the cooler months, and bright, lively colours for the warm seasons.

“Think of it more like an entertainment book,” said Bornhorst.

“There’s an absolute educational component to this, not just about cooking.”

The cookbook launch party enabled special guests to purchase the cookbook for $40, as well as sample recipes while mingling with the faculty involved.

All proceeds will go to cover the cost of producing the book.

As for the dedicated volunteer hours that went into the planning, preparing and making of the book, it was the result of each faculty member’s talent and love in what they do.

“Everybody put a great deal of energy and time into this project, but while everybody was doing it, they were having fun,” says Findlay.

Copies of the book are available at The Market Place in the Culinary Campus at SAIT as well as at SAIT’s Downtown Culinary Campus in Scotia Centre.

Bornhorst said there are future plans for the book to be sold in a few book stores throughout Calgary, but for now it remains at these two locations.

With it being a season’s cookbook, you can really cook with it all year round, and so I think we’re very proud as a faculty. -Michael Dekker

Findlay said that down the road, SAIT will be offering continuing education courses in the culinary arts, where people can purchase the book and receive one-on-one instruction from chef instructors on the preparation of recipes from the book.

“The collaboration really showcases the value of our school and the instruction in it,” says Dekker.

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