Randy and Mr. Lahey grace The Gateway

A cross-country tour by Randy and Mr. Lahey of the fabled Trailer Park Boys cable TV series saw the duo make a stop at The Gateway on Valentine’s Day.

Randy, played by actor Pat Roach, is a cheeseburger fiend who’s most famous for his hairy beer belly, and Mr. Lahey is the alcoholic and rambunctious trailer park manager in Sunnyvale, N.S., where the mockumentary is shot.

“We’ve been having a good tour,” said Lahey, prior to the show, which was aptly named Valentine’s to Forget.

Lahey, also known as John Dunsworth, doesn’t have a problem with drinking, Randy insists. “The liquor’s got a problem with Lahey, not the other way around.”

“I think it’s called Valentine’s ‘cause people like to drink absorbingly high amounts of liquor, and they tend to forget things, and single people want to forget the day in itself, and when the clock strikes 12, it’s a new day,” Lahey said, driving down the Deerfoot, prior to the show.

Lahey couldn’t believe the heavy volume of people on the Deerfoot, either. “There are more people on this road [Deerfoot] than in Sunnyvale, you know.”

Spencer Janke is a first-year business student at SAIT, and was really impressed with the show. “It was just them being themselves and acting like drunks.”

“Hands down, 10 out of 10,” Janke said.

Randy and Lahey were quite personable with the crowd, Janke added. “They [Randy and Lahey] took raunchy to another level, and pushed the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.”

Randy was happy to leave Sunnyvale, and be touring, as problems have surfaced at the trailer park. “Well, we’ve got a frozen septic tank which caused a lot of problems. Everything’s flooded.”

Lahey was surprised to see a crop-circle in the trailer park depicting his face, and his name was in the middle of the circle.

“It’s a beautiful thing, check out my Face [Facebook] page, and you’ll see it,” Lahey said.

Trailer Park Boys is in its eighth season, and to Lahey, it all seems like a vacation to him and the gang.

“We started shooting in 2001, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I think we’ve hit the zeitgeist.”

Randy said he’s seen season eight and thinks it’s the best yet.

“Cory’s back, which is just wonderful. Jim and I find a whole new way to be,” Randy said, letting the fans imagination figure out what his last sentence means.

The last time Trailer Park Boys were on the air was in 2008 for season seven.

John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith (Julian, Ricky and Bubbles, respectively), purchased the rights to the franchise from the show’s original producers Mike Clattenberg, Barrie Dunn and Mike Volpe.

With new ownership, comes a new direction and now the show will not be broadcast on TV, but instead on their Internet channel, www.SwearNet.com.

“Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have begun writing script for Season 9,” said Lahey. “I think that until one of the main characters is killed off, we’ll be able to beat this dead horse forever,” he said.

Randy was coy about how many cheeseburgers he’d be sharing with the crowd, if any at all.

“I doubt it, I plan on eating them all to myself. If someone’s lucky, and doesn’t have enough meat on their bones, I might give them half a burger.”

Janke couldn’t believe how Randy scarfed down his burgers. “He was like a vacuum cleaner, I lost count at how many he ate and I’m guessing 40.”

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