Calgary’s newest restaurant incorporates fresh local ingredients

After only being open for a few days, the Swine and Sow has proven that it is going to be around for a while.

The “farmhouse tavern” style restaurant, which opened March 5, offers a wide range of drool-worthy menu items.

Brent Goldenberg, the assistant general manager of the restaurant, says that Swine and Sow is a unique concept to Calgary.

“When we say tavern, we’re trying to get away from Moe’s Tavern that you see in The Simpsons,” Goldenberg said in an interview.

“We’re trying to achieve the classic American tavern which is a casual laid back atmosphere with first in class food, first in class drinks, something that as far as the quality of the product that we serve is second to none.”

The multi-level restaurant opened in the old Parkerhouse Grill location and Goldenberg said that they were very confident upon opening.

“We believe in the food, and we believe in the beverages, and we just believe in this concept, and we know it’s going to do well,” he said.

The sister restaurant to Murrieta’s Bar and Grill and Trib Steakhouse, tries their best to incorporate the best local ingredients into its unique menu.

All the meat is locally sourced from Alberta and most of the produce is from Abbotsford, B.C. Goldenberg explained that the only thing brought in to the restaurant is ketchup.

“I couldn’t be prouder as a manager of the restaurant, to have our food be as genuine and as fresh and handcrafted as carefully,”

The Scotch Balls have quickly become a favorite among those who have visited the restaurant.

A Scotch Ball is a soft boiled egg wrapped in chorizo sausage and lightly fried, to give it a little crunch. It is served on top of a piccalilli puree.

“It’s a secret how we get the egg in there, we won’t tell our secret about that one,” laughs Goldenberg.

The mouth-watering appetizer is only a small part of the expansive menu at Swine and Sow.

Another sure to be favorite, is the truffle dusted chicken wings.

The wings are dusted with truffle flour and tossed in truffle oil, brined for 92 hours to make sure that they are as tender as possible and served with a house-made maple chili gastrique

Swine and Sow also offers 20 craft beers on tap and 100 wines for under $100 a bottle.

“We don’t want something that’s just thrown together because it’s mass produced and it just sells,” explains Goldenberg.

Customers can come to expect beautifully crafted cocktails, craft beers, friendly servers, and terrific food.

Goldenberg says that he hopes to be involved in events like The Big Taste in the future, but for now they are happy where they are.

“We want to be a part of the community we definitely want to represent ourselves in a vast array of different events,” he said.

“In a few months we are definitely going to get out there and be a huge player in the community.”

Goldenberg hopes Swine and Sow will become known for its atmosphere, a place where people can look forward to going to.

“It’s fun, its loud, its energetic, you can feel it when you walk in.”

Swine and Sow is located across the street from the Suncor Centre, at 131 6th Ave. S.W. in the historic Lougheed Building.

Appetizers: The truffle dusted chicken wings are served as an appetizer at Swine and Sow in Calgary. (Photo by Nicole Braun/The Press)
Appetizers: The truffle dusted chicken wings are served as an appetizer at Swine and Sow in Calgary. (Photo by Nicole Braun/The Press)
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