Jamberry Nails are now in Canada

New to Canada since December, Jamberry Nails is a new and innovative way to pamper yourself without having to break bank with an expensive spa day.

The product is nail wraps, that apply easily, and with more than 300 styles to choose from, they are sure to be a hit in Canada.

Jamberry Nails was founded by three sisters, and after a lot of hard work, it was finally launched in late 2010.

People all around the world are wearing nail wraps because they’re a quick and stylish way to do your nails.

“I am a mom, and nail polish never stays on my nails,” said Kerri Millard, a sales consultant for the company.

“I finally found a product that will actually stay on my nails.”

“They will last for a couple of weeks without chipping or peeling, and I appreciate that because I don’t have to keep redoing them,” Millard said in an interview.

Millard, who also sells jewelry for South Hill Designs, was excited about the product to finally come to Alberta so she could start selling it.

“I actually read an article about it, and then I started researching it but it wasn’t available in Canada. So then I was on a website and someone said it was coming to Canada,” she said.

Millard contacted the woman who posted the launch in July of 2013, and Alberta finally got the approval on Dec. 1.

“As soon as it launched, I ordered my kit. The kit came with enough to do home parties, a heater, an application kit and some Jams to try.”

Consultants can sell the product by doing trades shows, home shows, online and with home or internet parties.

There are several different application methods that can be previewed on YouTube.

Millard uses one of the Jamberry base coats, and says you have to have a “squeaky clean nail.”

You then cut the product to fit your size, remove the backing, heat it up, place it on the nail, apply lots of pressure, add heat, and more pressure. Finally, you trim it up the way you like it and file it in a downward motion.

Millard has been at it for three months and already has hosted parties and made lots of sales.

“Moving forward what I would really like to do is have ‘Mommy and Me’ parties, so that the moms and daughters can come over, put on Jams and have a makeover party,” she said.

As soon as Jamberry Nails fanatic Shandra Sylvestre found the product, there was no stopping her.

“I started buying them in December of 2013,” Sylvestre said.

“I really liked the idea of being able to have nicely decorated nails without the hassle of having to put on nail polish or going to a salon.”

Jamberry Nails is a created for those looking for a more cost-effective way of getting their nails done.

The product is used by every type of person, every age, who wants a manicure without the hassle of the long wait at the spa.

“I’m not much of a ‘girly girl’ so I liked the idea of choosing styles that suited me,” she continued.

”I love the ‘Jams’ because they are super easy to apply and come in a huge variety.”

“I especially love that they have a ‘Jam’ design for every holiday and season.”

“They also last a lot longer on my nails than nail polish ever has,” said Sylvestre, who currently has more than 30 nail designs.

”The best part of Jamberry nails is their wide variety and how simple they are to apply.

“I also like being able to have cool decorated nails without having to pay salon prices and being able to mix and match different styles to make them that much funkier.”

Cost start at $15, for a whole palette of nail wraps, and there are more than 20 categories to choose from.

Jamberry Nails even has a Mommy and Me and a junior nails category, which is made for kids to enjoy.

Millard’s daughter, Jaidyn, who is six, says her favorite part about the nails is when she “gets to put them on with my mom, and then they look so nice.

“I love to show my dad when we’re done too.”

Nails for everyone: Jaidyn Millard, daughter of Kerri, a consultant for Jamberry Nails, shows off her new nails in Chestermere, Alta. on March 6. Jamberry launched in Canada in December, 2013. (Photo by Stefania Polga/The Press)
Nails for everyone: Jaidyn Millard, daughter of Kerri, who is a consultant for Jamberry Nails, shows off her new nails in Chestermere, Alta. on March 6. Jamberry launched in Canada in December, 2013. (Photo by Stefania Polga/The Press)
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