SAIT business students win bronze in national competition

SAIT business administration students won bronze in a competition in Montreal Feb. 11-12.

Vicky Roy, a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) program instructor, along with Amanda Hanna, SAITSA’s VP Student Life, coached business administration students Moira Shilling, Matthew Arena, Urszula Kusto and Robert Anstey at this year’s Vanier College Business Development of Canada (BDC) Case Challenge.

“I felt ecstatic to have won bronze in the competition,” said Hanna.

“It’s such a good feeling, because everyone had worked so hard and put so much time, effort and passion into it.”

Six teams took part in the case challenge competition this year, which included Sheridan College, St. Lawrence College, College of the North Atlantic, Seneca College, Cégep de Victoriaville and SAIT Polytechnic.

This year, St. Lawrence College took silver and Sheridan College ultimately took the gold.

“We were chosen to compete by our coaches Vicky and Amanda, and we went through a whole interview process with them,” SAIT team member Shilling said.

“It’s really exciting [to have won bronze], and this is only the second year that SAIT has gone to this competition.”

All of the competing teams initially won competitions in their home provinces before going on to the national case challenge.

“The BDC Vanier is mainly marketing-oriented, unlike two previous ones which we have taken part in the past,” said Roy, who is in charge of the team.

The Vanier College Case Challenge is sponsored by BDC, and this year’s competition was the ninth annual edition of the event.

Business students from around the country compete against each other by demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in marketing.

“Taking part in the competition gives you knowledge about everything you’re going to learn in entire four semesters,” Shilling said.

SAIT Winner: Moira Shilling is one of the team members representing SAIT's Business Administration team in the Competition, back in Calgary on Feb. 25. (Photo by Leo Aragon/The Press)
SAIT Winner: Moira Shilling, pictured in Calgary on Feb. 25, is one of the team members representing SAIT’s Business Administration team that represented SAIT in the Vanier College Business Development of Canada Case Challenge in Montreal. (Photo by Leo Aragon/The Press)
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