Donors new and old attend SAIT blood clinic

For a first-time blood donor, it can take an extra ounce of courage to stretch our their arm for the first time.

But for experienced donors it is a breeze, giving the gift of life can be a breeze.

Kelsea Hughes, a temporary worker at SAIT, came out for her first time to donate blood at the SAIT Blood Donor Clinic Sept 23.

“I guess I got a little bit of courage,” said Hughes, who is scared of needles yet wanted to help the cause.

This blood donor clinic was a good one for Hughes’ first donation because it took place right where she works.

Kimmi Nguyen, the SAITSA VP Academic, is no stranger to blood donor clinics.

“This is my thirteenth time,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen agreed with Hughes that the SAIT clinic is convenient as can be for students and staff.

Nguyen donates blood frequently because she saw first-hand how high in demand blood is.

It really speaks to me. My dad underwent surgery and although it wasn’t successful, it takes a lot of blood.” -Nguyen

On average, a person suffering internal bleeding requires between two and eight units of blood, which is equivalent to two to eight donations.

A single automotive accident patient typically needs 50 units (donations) of blood to be treated.

According to a recent poll done by Canadian Blood Services, 52 per cent of Canadians have either needed blood for themselves, or for a family member.

Prior to donating blood, it is important to drink a lot of water and to have a substantial meal to avoid feeling sick or fainting.

“They don’t want you to feel light-headed or sick, they have snacks for afterwards,” Hughes said.

The next SAIT blood donor clinic will take place on campus in December.

For more information on donating blood, check out the Canadian Blood Services website.

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