SAIT, ACAD students team up to create a steampunk blender for Beakernight

Art and science collided as SAIT  graduates presented their steampunk blender project at the second annual Beakernight event in Calgary, on Sept 13.

As one of numerous displays at the event, the project was a rare collaboration between students from SAIT and the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD).

“It was kind of a nice alternative to the standard final engineering project,” James Seigner, graduate of SAIT’s Mechanical Engineering program said.

Both Seigner and his fellow student presenter, Danny Armstrong, agreed that the collaborative project allowed them more creativity than a usual final project for the program.

The two students saw this collaboration as a good opportunity and were eager to be participating in Beakerhead, the world’s largest arts and science event.

“We checked out Beakerhead last year and loved the idea of it,” Armstrong said.

The project stemmed from last year’s involvement of SAIT instructor, Rob Sadowski, and ACAD instructor, Jeff de Boer.  Both instructors participated as judges for the 2013 Beakernight event panel.

“Jeff wanted to do a steampunk symposium in conjunction with Beakerhead,” Armstrong said in an interview.

The symposium did not work out, and that was where de Boer decided to bring in the assistance of SAIT’s mechanical engineering students.

“We feel art and engineering go hand-in-hand,” Seigner said.

That belief led to numerous SAIT and ACAD students coming together to create the steampunk blender.

All of the work that was done for the event was a focused effort to get SAIT more involved with ACAD, as well as to become an ongoing annual participant in Beakerhead.

To read more about Rob Sadowski’s involvement with the project, check out his interview on the Beakerhead website.

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