It’s goodies galore at the Marketplace bake sale

Students from the baking and pastry arts program at SAIT showed off their unique creations at a bake sale on Oct. 9.

The first-year students were divided into three groups, taking care of the promotion and marketing, customer relations and management, and product development for the sale, at the Marketplace in the John Ware building, and at the Culinary Campus downtown.

Each item sold was required to follow certain parameters for the sale, and this year, products must be gluten-free, bake-free, and contain a special ingredient.

“The main feature of each group is popcorn,” said Madison Lakusta, a first-year baking and pastry arts (BPA) student, in an interview prior to the sale.

Lakusta was part of the group selling the product and helping customers for this bake sale.

She said that since the bake sale was close to Thanksgiving, each item had to have a fall theme.

“There (were) lots of cranberry, pumpkin, spices, and orange,” said fellow first-year BPA student Melissa Burt, part of the marketing and promotion team.

“[The students] will definitely be setting the bar for the rest of the bake sales,” she said.

The program plans to host two more bake sales throughout the semester, in November, and prior to Christmas.

“We’ll be there,” said Halee Marcotte and Alana Wasylenko, two first-year nutrition for healthy lifestyles students.

“I love pastries, and think it’s good that this bake sale supports students,” said Marcotte.

Wasylenko said that she expected the baking to be “really good.”

“I feel like they would have a lot of passion in their word, so everything will probably taste great,” said Wasylenko.

This year was also the first time the Culinary Campus was involved in the bake sale.

“Downtown has a very cool atmosphere. It’s very fast paced,” Burt said.

The Marketplace and the Culinary Campus have different clientele, so students had to base their products on the potential consumers.

All the money made during the bake sale will go back into the program, along with any other proceeds made at the Marketplace.

“The sales here and in Downtown contributes to the program so we have a lower cost of tuition,” said Elynne Poisson, first-year BPA student in marketing and promotion.

Poisson said that projects like the bake sale simulate a real life industry experience for her and the rest of the students.

“These projects help get us into the industry and give us experience when we need it,” she said.

I have a feeling it’s going to go quick just because we usually have a line up outside the Marketplace when we first open. – Madison Lakusta

Poisson is “excited” for the bake sale, and said that the second-year students will also contribute some baking, though it will not have to follow the parameters that were set for the first years.

“The second year baked goods look beautiful,” she said.

“We got to try some for the second years and it was really good.”

To learn more about SAIT’s Marketplace and Culinary Campus, as well as see what is on the menu, visit the program’s website.

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