Prentice put on probation by voters, Wildrose leader says

The Progressive Conservative party posted a shutout against the Wildrose Alliance in four byelections on Oct. 27.

That didn’t stop the Wildrose from looking at their loss as a positive, as party leader Danielle Smith spoke to her supporters after the results were counted.

“Albertans have told the PCs that they’re willing to give them one last chance,” Smith said.

“Tonight’s results have shown that Albertans have put Premier Jim Prentice on probation.”

“We are their clear alternative if he does not meet their expectations,” Smith said.

Smith added that each of the Wildrose candidate was competitive with the PC candidate in their riding, a fact supported by the close numbers available on Elections Alberta’s website.

“We have received a definite feeling at the door of ‘next time,’” Smith said.

“The PCs are headed in the wrong direction and the Wildrose are on the upswing.”

John Fletcher, candidate for Calgary Elbow, and Sheila Taylor, candidate for Calgary West, also spoke to crowd at the Wildrose byelection headquarters in the Chinook Centre area.

“I didn’t lose here,” Fletcher said. “I won because I met so many wonderful people.”

Fletcher added that the party narrowed the gap in Elbow, and that he is confident for the next general election.

Taylor, who came closest of the four Wildrose candidates to winning a seat in legislature, said she had no regrets about running, but would have liked the campaign to last longer.

“Two weeks longer,” she said.

Albertans have told the PCs that they’re willing to give them one last chance. – Danielle Smith

She also added that she believes Albertans are ready for a change, a result of the positive reception she received while campaigning.

Kathy Macdonald, candidate for Calgary Foothills, was not present, but Smith did add a few words for her.

“Your incredible energy and genuine desire to serve others converted many PC voters at the door and gave Jim Prentice a run for his money every step of the way.”

The results of the election, including the specific numbers, can be viewed on the Elections Alberta website.

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