Calgarians coughing up big bucks this Halloween

Calgarians apparently aren’t afraid to spend their money on Halloween.

An informal survey was conducted of 30 young people showed more than half were willing to drop at least $100 for a costume and all the fixings.

Four of the 28 participants in the survey were willing to spend more than $150 on their costumes, and 16 said they would spend around $100.

Five of the those surveyed said they would be spending less than $60, and only one was not going to take part in any Halloween festivities.

No money will be spent by two of the people surveyed, who said that they had decided to don costumes they had worn last year.

Those questioned also were asked what they planned to wear for the big night.

“This year I’m going to be Dora the Explorer and it’s going to cost me around $150,” said 23-year-old Mikayla Korman.

Korman said that she has spent more than a $1,000 on a single costume before.

“It was a big Brazilian one,” she said.

Korman believes Halloween costume prices will only increase from here.

“I’ve spent $300 before, because most of the time I dress up twice,” said Ashley Wiens, 26, in an email interview.

“This year I’m going to be Mickey Mouse and I ordered my costume online. I spent $120 in total.”

According to CTV News, Canadians are expected to spend an average of $300 per household this Halloween, and even more for those who own a pet.

Sadly, it is ridiculous. Kids’ costumes are no better. For Annalisa to be Elsa, a Disney princess, her costume all together was about $50. – Hanna Engel

In 2011, Canadians spent $1.5 billion on Halloween, and the numbers have increased each year after that.

During the survey, Hannah Engel, a mother of three, spoke out on her opinion of costume prices.

“Sadly, it is ridiculous,” said Engel.

“Kids’ costumes are no better. For Annalisa to be Elsa, a Disney princess, her costume all together was about $50.”

Her younger daughter will be wearing her other daughter’s costume from last year, because Engel refuses to pay for another one.

Engel said that Halloween is becoming too expensive and is slowly moving away from its traditional roots.

There have not been any predictions on how much Canada will spend this year on Halloween, but according to American news outlets, the United States is expected to spend around $7 billion this year.

More information and statistics on Halloween spending in Canada can be found here.

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