Red Deer all fired up about arrival of Peters’ Drive-in

With Peters’ Drive-In opening up a new location in Red Deer, Alta. many residents of the city are looking forward to visiting the new drive-in.

“Whenever we were in Calgary, that was the thing to do – you would go to Peters’ Drive-In to have lunch or supper,” said Corey Bolt, a Red Deer resident.

The new location will be on the west side of Gasoline Alley, on Leva Avenue., across from Glenn’s Teapot and just south of the Tim Horton’s outlet.

To many people, Peters’ Drive-In embodies something more than just the food served.

“It represents something wholesome, from years ago,” says Ken Johnston a Red Deer city councillor.

Although Peters’ Drive-In’s newest location will technically be in the County of Red Deer, that doesn’t bother residents of the Central Alberta city.

“I like Peters’ so much, it does not bother me at all,” Logan Morrical said of the future location.

“Good service and good food,” said Bolt, explaining why he enjoys Peters’ Drive-In.

For others, Peters’ reminds them of those with whom they have shared meals.

“Family, that is what I think of right away, then food,” said Lisa Bolt, Corey’s wife.

Peters’ new location is also an opportunity for people who have never eaten there before to try the drive-in.

“Oh for sure we will take the boys when it comes,” said Lisa Bolt of her boys who have not been to Peters’ in Calgary.

“I am sure Stephen will enjoy driving out there with his friends once it is open,” Johnston said of his teenage son.

There has been a great deal of publicity over Peters’ coming to Red Deer, to let Red Deer residents know about the new location.

“It was all over Facebook, I thought they did a good job.

“I think a lot of people liked it and talked about it,” she said.

Whenever we were in Calgary that was the thing to do. You would go to Peters’ Drive-In to have lunch or supper. – Corey Bolt

For some it has been awhile since they have made it so Calgary to have some food from Peters’.

“It has probably been a year since I have been there but I still love it every time,” said Morrical.

Still operating out of the original blue and white building just off 16th Avenue and Edmonton Trail N.E., Peters’ Drive-in is an easily recognizable landmark.

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