Take Back Halloween aims to take the ‘sexy’ out of kids’ costumes

The controversy surrounding Halloween costumes being too “sexy” continues to bubble in Calgary.

Many costumes designed for young girls are criticized as being “over-sexualized.”

“There are ‘sexy’ costumes for four-year-olds, and that’s not okay,” says Lucille Fisher, a zoology student at the University of Calgary.

“Sexualizing young people is never okay. Adults can do whatever they like with their bodies,” Fisher said in an interview.

Lucas Schuring, another student from the University of Calgary, said in an interview that these over-sexualized costumes made for young children send the wrong message.

“It’s damaging to women, if they are not making a conscious choice (to wear them),” she said.

Schuring explained that the way the costumes are advertised push young people towards them unconsciously, but notes that “sexy” Halloween costumes are “okay for adults.”

Hillhurst United Church and Urban Curvz joined forces this Halloween to put together an event that offered a different take on Halloween costumes.

“Take Back Halloween,” which was held Oct. 31, offered an alternative to trends of racist, sexist costumes.

“We are against objectification,” said Pam Rocker, affirming and creative co-ordinator for the church.

“The best way to be anti-something is to be pro-something,” said Rocker.

“Awareness can be fun.”

Statistically, Rocker said that, “three per cent of all the decisions made in the media are made by women.”

The way women are shown in the media affects the way young girls view themselves, she said.

“They just want to be a grown-up,” said Rocker.

The sexualization of woman, in this case Halloween costumes, makes it easier to “perpetuate violence towards them.”

“Being sexy is not bad, but we want to offer an alternative,” said Rocker, prior to the event.

“We don’t want to imply any judgment on what women want to wear. The dress code [for the event] isn’t strict at all. We want to give people a chance to be clever.”

They just want to be a grown-up. – Pam Rocker

There also was a patriarchy haunted house, live performances by feminists, a screening of the acclaimed film “Wonder Women – The Untold Story of Super heroines!” and candy and popcorn for guests to snack on.

For more information on Take Back Halloween, visit the Hillhurst United Church’s website

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