Trojan women’s runners sprint to silver at national championship

The SAIT Trojan women’s team took home silver in the National Cross-Country Running Championships on Nov. 8, in the city.

SAIT Polytechnic hosted the 2014 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national cross-country championship Nov. 7-8, which took place in Confederation Park.

The Grande Prairie Wolves women’s team won gold in the championship and the top men’s team was Humber Hawks from Brampton, Ont.

The women’s portion of the event consisted of a 5 km course and men took on 8 km, on a grass ‘undulating’ course with a large hill on each 2 km lap.

Trojan men’s team finished 10th out of 18 teams from across Canada. The rankings for the rest of the teams can be found on the CCAA website.

“Weather looks a little too warm but it’s not snowing so we’ll take it,” head coach Jaime Grant said on Nov. 7, prior to the races.

“Everybody is feeling relaxed and confident. One of our biggest concerns was going to be weather.”

At the provincial championship in Fort McMurray, Alta. on Oct. 25, the Trojan women’s team took home silver and men earned bronze.

“I have competed at a couple of competitions, but it is nice to race at home with your friends and family cheering you on,” Rebecca Gould, women’s athlete, said.

“We’ve known about the course since last year. It has given us lots of time to practice the track.

“Last year, before we left for Toronto we were preparing for nationals in snow,” Matthew Vrielink said.

Vrielink was the first of the Trojan men’s team to finish the race, ending in 20th place.

A community race was held later at 2 p.m. the entry was by donation, with proceeds going to Mito Canada in support of mitochondrial disease.

A closing banquet and awards event was held Saturday night at the SAIT Campus Centre.

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