Students find ways to balance their post-Christmas budgets

Living on, or off, campus, the post-Christmas holiday season can have an effect on many students who attend SAIT.

Whether it is paying for groceries, housing or entertainment, students have a lot that comes up cost-wise after the winter semester starts.

“I was definitely trying to hold back,” first-year student Evan Wong said.

Taking the Civil Engineering Technology program at SAIT, Wong said that he was saving more money this holiday, rather than spending.

“I knew it was definitely going to be hard if I didn’t have that fallback cushion.”

Living in residence, he said that paying off the lease for the semester made a difference to his spending.

“Buying your own groceries and having to put up with yourself is a lot different than being at home,” he said.

Shayan Zaidi, a first-year in the Graphic Communications and Print Technology program at SAIT, finds his budget concerns to be less because he’s still at home.

“I live off campus with my family,” he said.

He adds that it alleviates his worry because he doesn’t have a job.

“I have trouble working and educating myself at the same time,” Zaidi said.

He adds that, other than getting lunch money, he doesn’t have any trouble with funds.

Entertainment is a big issue that students face in the post-holiday season, with drinking, movies and eating out all adding to the expenditure.

I knew it was definitely going to be hard if I didn’t have that fallback cushion. – Evan Wong

“Eating out or going to see movies…I should probably do less of that,” Wong said.

To keep himself on budget, Wong said that he leaves his debit and credit cards behind when going out.

“When you run out of cash, you’re done,” he said.

Wong said that he recommends setting a budget and staying within it post-holidays.

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