It isn’t too soon to be thinking about Spring Convocation

Thinking ahead to Spring Convocation?

If so, it isn’t too early to start making plans for the big day, according to Lara Schuelke, events co-ordinator for SAIT student services.

Spring Convocation this year will be held May 28-29.

“Students wishing to register for convocation should be closely monitoring their SAIT email accounts [at the beginning of March] to receive an invitation to register,” Schuelke said in an interview.

During those two days there will a total of four ceremonies, each approximately two to three hours in length.

The deadline for students to register for the Convocation is April 10.
Schuelke said there are three steps in order to register, the first one being to register in the correct ceremony for your academic school.

Last year, for example, the schools of business and information and communications technology convened on the first day of convocation. But that may not be the case in 2015, and as of mid-February, no specific dates for particular schools had been set for this year.

The second step is to pay a $35 fee, which includes the rental of your gown and hood, and a parchment holder that students get to keep.

You can pay online through or in person at the Cashiers office in the Stan Grad Centre, room MC201.

The last step is to request your gown and guest tickets, which is also done online.

“Students completing programs who do not wish to attend do not need to do anything,” Schuelke added.

Their credentials will be sent out by mail automatically after Convocation.

For students wanting to bring guests to the Spring Convocation, there is a limit of two per student.

“[This is] in order to insure that we have enough space for certain guests that every student wants to bring.”

However, when students request guest tickets, they can indicate if they want additional guests.

“Once registration has closed and we know how many students are attending, we open up the remaining seats for additional guests.”

Schuelke explained that it is important for students to know that the Jubilee Auditorium (where the ceremony will be held) requires every person in the audience to have a ticket, and “this includes infants.”

Jonathan Van Maanen, a second-year student in architectural technologies, said he will be attending Spring Convocation.

“[I’m attending] to cap off my tremendous academic achievement and to support my classmates as they do the same [for me],” Van Maanen said.

“I look forward to entering the workforce with the knowledge and skills to create better and longer lasting buildings.”

There will be honourees at the ceremony, but the decision on whom they will be will be announced a week prior to the ceremonies.

For the first time in SAIT history there was a Fall Convocation in October, 2014.

“The turnout was good, we were able to celebrate this important event with more than 400 graduates,” Schuelke said.

SAIT plans to have its second Fall Convocation on Oct. 15.

Over the past four years, SAIT Spring Convocation has welcomed an average of 1,617 students to the stage.

In 2013, the Spring Convocation attracted 1,807 graduates while last spring  1,446 students took part.

“[I’m attending] to cap off my tremendous academic achievement and to support my classmates as they do the same [for me]. – Jonathan Van Maanen

However, Schuelke said that attendance in the fall or spring is based on the eligibility of students and when they completed their program.

“SAIT is fortunate to have a large number of students in a large number of programs interested in attending our convocation ceremonies.”

To learn more about preparing for Spring Convocation, visit Day of the Convocation for more information and read through the frequently asked questions and answers.

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