Stress can build up for students at the end of the year, but there’s always help out there

There is a lot of stress that students have to deal with over the course of the school year, but the end of the winter semester may be the most challenging time of all.

“This time of year for many students, particularly post-secondary students, is the most stressful because of the fact that a year is coming to an end and there are final exams and projects to be completed,” says Cindy Negrello, of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Students at all levels of education feel this stress, whether they’re starting high school or finishing college.

“The idea that final exams weigh so heavily on grades is what stresses me out the most,” says Chelsey Thomas, who is in her final year at San Francisco State University.

While it is certainly a stressful time in a students’ life, there are always resources available to utilize at SAIT and beyond.

“The SAITSA Student Support Centre provides a space for students to relax and a place of peer support with access to community resources,” says Kimmi Nguyen, VP Academic for SAITSA.

If students need someone to talk to, there are many options available in the community.

“Being able to speak with a trusted source such as a teacher, clergy, or school counsellor within the wellness program such as the one at SAIT can be very beneficial for students,” says Negrello.

A big part of relieving final exam stress is being able to study in a quiet place.

There are many places to do this on campus, it is just a matter of finding them.

“The basement level of the Reg Erhardt Library is a designated space for quiet study,” says Nguyen.

“I’ve personally found level three in the Aldred Centre and the basement of Johnson-Cobbe as places with less traffic and disturbance.”

Going to speak to a professional is certainly a viable option if needed, but there are also things that students can do to relieve stress at home or wherever they may be.

“Working out is huge and sleeping enough is vital when trying to combat stress,” says Jennifer Beale, who is a graduate of Athabasca University and is now a nurse with Alberta Health Services.

The SAITSA Student Support Centre provides a space for students to relax and a place of peer support with access to community resources. – Kimmi Nguyen.

There are also fun things that can be done to relieve stress, and they can be found right on campus.

“The Student Support Centre hosts regular events throughout the month such as guided meditation, video game tournaments, peer support, karaoke and movie afternoons,” says Nguyen

SAITSA is committed to helping students get through finals.

“In the week preceding final exams, De-Stress Fest will feature events held in the Student Support Centre and on campus,” says Nguyen.

“We (SAITSA) are here to connect students to the on-campus or community resources they need for success.

For more information on where to go for help with stress, visit the Calgary Counselling Centre website. 

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