Safe sex the theme at SAITSA awareness event

Keeping things safe was the message on Feb. 10, as SAITSA held its second annual Sexual Awareness Day.

The event featured a number of games and activities all centered around teaching students about safe sex.

“We want people to be aware of their own sexual health,” said SAITSA VP Student Life Thao Nguyen.

Nguyen said that it is the student association’s job to spread awareness among the students about of having safe sex.

With the popularithy of events like date night Valentine’s Day, Nguyen feels that educating students on the subject now is even more important.

“I do believe that the students have the knowledge and the education to practice safe sex in their relationships,” said Nguyen.

“However there are still quite a few myths and misconceptions about safe sex among young people.”

When it comes to sex, most SAIT students say they know what they are doing and actively follow safe practices.

When asked whether he practices safe sex, first year Business student Kevin Lam said “yes, I always wear condoms and I regularly get myself checked out for any STIs.”

Other students at SAIT have found different methods of practicing safe sex.

“I have been with my partner for seven years now and she is currently on birth control,” said second year Electrician student Patrick O’Reilly.

I do believe that the students have the knowledge and the education to practice safe sex in their relationships. – Thao Nguyen

SAIT students who are either married or have been in a relationship for a long time were found to likely practice at least one form of safe sex, often favoring birth control.

“I’m always careful when it comes to sex, even though I have been with the same partner for four years and we have a baby,” said Madeline Smolicole, a first year Business Administration student.

Other couples choose to rely on a more traditional approach.

“I’m married and we would rather go all natural than use contraceptives,”  said Kate Filarca, a first year Gas Process Operations student.


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