Midfielder returns to SAIT

Returning after a seven-year hiatus, midfielder Francisco Miron puts on his SAIT Men’s Soccer Team uniform once again.

Miron is working towards a better career with the electrical apprenticeship program at SAIT. The electrical apprenticeship takes four years to complete, during which time Miron also will earn money to help support his family.

“Right now I’m just taking it day-by-day and trying to grow up,”  Miron said. “(Head coach) Grant hasn’t changed. He’s still up in your face while joking, and it’s the best of both worlds.”

He believes the team is looking good this season, adding that he feels at home. His goal is to take the team to nationals.

Right now I’m just taking it day-by-day and trying to grow up. – Francisco Miron

Miron hopes to do well in his studies at SAIT, while helping the team find success this season. He first started at SAIT in 2007 in the business administration program.

“At the time, my ambition was to wear a nice suit, get a good job and prepare for the future,” Miron said.

One semester before completing the program, his family had some financial issues, and he dropped out of school to work full-time. During his time away from SAIT, Miron kept up his active lifestyle by participating in club soccer, practicing three times a week and playing games on weekends.

He also played for Calgary United Football Club and Football Club Edmonton, and tried out for the North American Soccer League (NASL).

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