Stadium Mall fire damages businesses

The Calgary Fire Department is investigating the cause of a fire that broke out at Stadium Mall on Nov. 12, damaging several businesses.

fire department  media release said the fire started at approximately 7:20 a.m. A  passerby called 911 to report that flames were visible on the roof of the strip mall in the 1900-block of Uxebridge Drive NW. Upon arrival, fire crews immediately called for a second alarm due to the volume of smoke at the scene.

Fire station No. 17 called fire station No. 8 to help fight the fire, as more manpower was needed. Lieut. Chris Muzecnka, of station No. 8, said, “the stadium fire was a level 2 fire, which means that another fire station must go to the fire to help out.”

Added Lieut. Stu Shier: “They didn’t need our fire trucks. They needed more manpower to fight the fire, so we went.”

Carol Henke, a fire department public information officer, said the cause of the fire was under investigation and it is not clear whether the fire was accidental or arson.

“The fire is under investigation – we don’t know how it started … six businesses were damaged, but we don’t know the financial loss yet,” she said.

Fire and heat traveled along the roof making firefighting efforts difficult. Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to find the fire’s path.

The fire is under investigation – we don’t know how it started – Carol Henke

No injuries were reported, but two schools in the area were evacuated as a safety precaution. Calgary Fire Department Hazardous Materials team performed air quality tests in the area. Neighboring businesses were asked to shut down their ventilation systems temporarily until air quality in the area improved.

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