Ray Lemelin brings ‘the good and bad in life’ to Lynnwood Station

Blues guitarist Ray Lemelin finds relief from his day-to-day burdens when playing music, which he shared recently in performances at Lynnwood Station.

Lemelin has been performing for most of his life, and said he was inspired by famous blues players like Robert Johnson, Otis Rush and John Hurt.

“Blues are just about the good and the bad in life,” said Lemelin as he finished his second performance at Lynnwood Station on Oct. 29. “I enjoy it because it’s a release for all of my troubles.”

Playing his signature a 1989 Fender Squire guitar, he is typically a solo performer, and for the past three years, Lemelin has devoted six to eight weeks annually to travelling and performing. However, on this occasion Lemelin also performed alongside local musicians Kelly Price on drums, bass player Bill Praise and accordion player Patrick Tucker.

Blues are just about the good and the bad in life. I enjoy it because it’s a release for all of my troubles. -Ray Lemelin

The band performed covers of major blues players such as B.B. King, with Lemelin improvising his guitar solos and really making the songs his own.

The Lynnwood Station stop was part of Lemelin’s cross-Canada tour, which will wrap-up in his hometown of Windsor, Que. Two of Lemelin’s albums are currently available for purchase via e-mail: a solo album composed of mostly original songs and an acoustic blues album with harmonica musician Bill Hills in which the pair plays original songs they wrote together.

Lynnwood Station on Ogden Road SE in Calgary hosts performers several times a week, leaving their customers to wonder where they find the talented, but obscure musicians.

“We have different performers come in every week. This is Ray’s second time being here,” said Julia Lawrence, an employee at the Lynnwood Station.



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