WHO links processed meat to cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that processed meat is linked to colon cancer and that red meat is likely carcinogenic.

The WHO report identified only red meat and processed meats as potential health risks, but not white meat or prime cuts. Since the issue was raised by WHO on Oct. 26, there have not been any follow-up announcements. Some sources criticized WHO’s statement for being too broad and vague.

“All of our meats come from our own Sunterra farms,” said Louise Bentley, an employee of Sunterra Market. “We raise our own pork, beef and lamb, which are all antibiotic free.”

When some outside experts were asked their opinion about the WHO report, many suggested that the increased risk of cancer was considered small, but that the findings from WHO should at least alert people to “moderate” their diets and lessen their intake of red and processed meat.

All of our meats come from our own Sunterra farms. We raise our own pork, beef, and lamb which are all antibiotic free. – Louise Bentley

Although some working in the meat industry have reacted negatively to the WHO report, some environmental groups are taking it very seriously and calling for warning labels to be placed on the identified meat products.

This tug-of-war between the meat industry and environmental groups is expected to continue until a more in-depth explanation of current research from WHO is provided.

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