Business world unimpressed by tattoos

Tattoos have been a topic of controversy for as long as they have been around, and in the business world, they are still not accepted.

Calgary’s business community has had a problem with giving jobs to people who like to express themselves on their bodies.

“Its hard enough to get a job in Calgary without the hassle of someone telling me ‘no’ because I have tattoos,” Olesha Christie said in an interview. “I’m not even allowed to show co-workers on company time where I work now. It just sucks.”

In 2010, Pew Research, a Washington-based company reported that 38% of millennials (age 18 to 29) had at least one tattoo. And like elsewhere, tattoos just do not cut it in the workplace in Calgary.

“I don’t hire someone with tattoos,” said Calgary businessman James Henderson. “I believe it shows a different style than the company’s look, which is 100% professional.”

Finding jobs is already difficult enough for young people, but it is made even harder when they have to conform not only to the social standards that the business world sets, but also hide a piece of what they love.

I’m not even allowed to show co-workers on company time where I work now. It just sucks. – Olesha Christie

“I hate the idea of someone not accepting someone for having tattoos. It seems they could have the best resume and boom, you get shut out because the boss doesn’t like the tattoos,” said Brad McFeeters, a participant at a recent tattoo show in Calgary.

He and his wife Anita as a couple have been getting tattoos for many years and never had the problems the younger generations have today.

“Being a young adult nowadays is hard without being judged for something you love,” said Anita McFeeters, also attending the tattoo show. “Now, it’s all about what you look like and not if you are the most qualified.”

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