Calgary expands south, creating jobs, concerns

Midnapore used to be the southernmost community in Calgary, but over the last 20 years the city has spread another five kilometres south creating the new communities of Legacy, Walden and River’s Edge.

Calgary is pushing new housing as far as it can in the south by building as close to the city limit as possible, which is almost two kilometres from the foothills hamlet of Heritage Pointe.

“Its weird to see houses so close to us,” said Taner Parrington, who has lived in Heritage Pointe for seven years. “Who knows – maybe this community will become part of Calgary.”

After the devastating flood of 2013, which swept through Alberta and impacted Calgary and neighbouring towns, some wonder why a housing community at River’s Edge would be developed so close to the Bow River when it negatively impacted so many. Also, a concern for some Legacy and Walden residents may be a landfill being so close to their community.

Recent surveys have suggested that most Calgarians are concerned over whether the city can handle its rapid growth. In 2006, the Calgary population was just under a million residents, and in almost 10 years it has risen to 1.2 million.

With three hundred available lots in Legacy and more in the north, Calgary’s population will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Who knows – maybe this community will become part of Calgary. – Taner Parrington

Despite the concerns, the constant construction of new communities and homes creates jobs in the trades.

“All these new houses give us dozens of jobs to do,” said Jason Hanke, an exterior siding contractor. “The more work to do, the more money and the better off my family is.”


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