Registers ring in Christmas season

Christmas shopping season is in full swing with cash registers ringing and retailers singing, tis’ the season to spend money.

With Christmas just weeks away, shoppers are scrambling to find that special gift for their loved ones.

Andrew Lee, a Toys “R” Us store manager, said that since the beginning of November, toys have being flying off of the shelves.

“Our sales always skyrocket at this time of year,” he said. “Every day now there’s endless lineups and a constant flow of customers purchasing gifts for their children.”

While many people attempt to start their Christmas shopping early, most find themselves having to fly from store to store days before Christmas in an attempt to ensure they cover everyone on their lists. This applies especially to those who have lots of children, big families or just don’t know what to buy.

Margaret Shulz, a mother of six, said she struggles every year.

“I absolutely hate going to malls right now,” she said. “But when you have six, fussy kids, you have no choice. I would much rather go the gift card route, but for Christmas I think it should be an actual gift. Kids won’t be excited when they go to unwrap a gift card.”

Despite the stressful, crowded environment in shopping centres, there are perks that retailers provide their harried customers at this time of year. The biggest plus is the deals and sales that most stores offer. Some retailers are offering up to 50 per cent off their regular-priced merchandise.

“Right now, we are selling a bunch of reasonably priced gift sets that would cost double if each item was bought separately,” said Claire Bell, a sales associate at Bath and Body Works. “We’re always busy now to the point where it can get quite stressful, especially on the weekend.”

“I can see why we’re so busy though. Our products, especially gift sets, make perfect gifts.”

Every day now there’s endless lineups, and a constant flow of customers purchasing gifts for their children. – Andrew Lee

Christmas shopping can either be an exciting endeavour or a dreaded one, depending on the person.

“Whether you like it or not, you have to get out there and get it done,” Shulz said. “I salute those who were able to get their shopping out of the way before November because that seems to be the time when everything gets crazy.”




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