Fashion meets fitness

Fitness is a huge part of many people’s lives, and looking good in new workout clothes can be that extra push some need to achieve their goals no matter what their age.

Popular fitness clothing brands include Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret and, for younger athletes, Ivviva by Lululemon, Triple Flip and PINK by Victoria’s Secret.

The most popular items for workout gear are the front-close Knockout sports bra and the half calf pants, Victoria’s Secret employee Sarah Johnston said.

“People who come to the store look for something to enhance their body and give them confidence,” said Johnston, 20.

“My favorite item personally is the Knockout sports bra because it gives me support for intense cardio and keeps everything in place.

“I like the fabric and I like how it closes in the front. It can sustain me through a hard workout, and I think it looks really cute too.”

Danielle Roberson, 23, who works for Triple Flip, said, “we started out as sport-inspired apparel for kids and we have branched out into dance wear and day wear. Kids come into the store with their parents looking for light and breathable fabric.

“It’s the most popular style in the store. The other day we had a girl come in with her mom and she bought an entire outfit of jeans, white shirt and denim jacket. It was adorable.”

Triple Flip is for girls ages five to 13, and sizing is from one to six, so that even the youngest of children can have fashion sense, and they do.

“I think girls who wear our clothing want to be like their moms and be fit,” Ivviva Athletic Wear employee Virgillia Chicoine, 28, said. “I’m so proud to help young girls be more active.

“It’s so important for girls to know a diet isn’t good, but being fit, active and healthy overall is best for them. Our clothing helps them become more health conscious and promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Chicoine added that the clothing is very similar to Lululemon styles.

With spring nearly here and summer just around the corner, retailers suggest fitness buffs hurry up and get sweating in style.

Athletic Fashion: Virgillia Kincaid poses at Ivviva Athletica Chinook. Kincaid points out how light fabric is popular in young athletes. (Photo by Athena Hart/The Press)
Athletic Fashion: Virgillia Chicoine poses at the Ivviva Athletica store in Chinook Mall. She said light fabric is popular with young athletes. (Photo by Athena Hart/The Press)
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