Jewellery/metal program alumni event recognizes 25 years of history

The Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) is hosting a three-day event that started Feb. 25 to honour alumni from its jewellery and metal program.

The program is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the event aims to bring together the program’s faculty and students.

ACAD is bringing back as many former students as possible to celebrate the success of 25 years, said Dee Fontans, a jewellery and metal program instructor at ACAD who has been with the program over the last quarter century.

Five events have been lined up for three-day event, including a public display and sale of gem stones as well as a live band performance from ACAD alumnus, Shona Rae and her band, Shona Rae and the Voo Doo Hand.

A look into the workshops of ACAD jewellery and metal program alumni as well as a full day of conversations with past students is also planned for the event.

Tickets for the individual events range from $25 to $50, and proceeds will go to ACAD‘s jewellery and metal program.

Instructors in the program inspire the students to be different and to follow their own creative journey.

“The artists are encouraged to have their own individual voice,” Fontans said.

“You put the story on the body, so you get to express yourself in different ways,” said Patricia Zyrinn, a graduate of the program.

Her work is about her cultural heritage, and she said her creative art flow comes mainly from researching before she starts sketching.

“What are the elements I want to put in this piece that will signify the message I want to convey?” Zyrinn asks herself before beginning a project.

“You put the story on the body, so you get to express yourself in different ways. – Patricia Zyrinn

For 25 years, faculty, students and staff have been engaging, learning and making memories of art.

“You go through all these projects that everyone goes through, but the way they approach them is so different,” Zyrinn said.


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