Oh baby! What a gift to celebrate SAIT’s centennial

On Sunday, Oct. 16, the first baby born in a Calgary hospital will receive more than just a breath of fresh air.

Partnering with Mawer Investment Management Ltd., SAIT has announced that on the day of institute’s 100th birthday, the first baby born in Calgary will be awarded a $40,000 scholarship.

Mawer Investment Management has managed an investment portfolio for SAIT for the past two decades, which makes SAIT one of its oldest not-for-profit clients.

“Given our long-standing relationship, SAIT’s alumni and stakeholder relations team approached us to discuss being involved in the centennial celebrations this year,” said Andrew Johnson, an institutional portfolio manager for Mawer.

“We met a few times to brainstorm various ideas, and the centennial baby scholarship fund was one that came out of those discussions.

“The way it works, is that it’s money that’s being invested and will be available once the baby turns the age of majority, and up until they are 25-years-old,” said Cathy Downey, the centennial program director for SAIT.

“It will cover $40,000 of any program that they would like to chose.”

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the baby must be born in a Calgary hospital, and of course, the family has to accept the scholarship on the child’s behalf.

They also retain the right to decline the scholarship if they wish.

The scholarship is to be used at SAIT specifically, unlike a selection of other scholarships out there.

“They have to come to SAIT to be able to use the scholarship, so it’s not transferable to any of the other post-secondaries. If they chose not to go to SAIT, then that money will go back into scholarships for existing and other students,” said Downey.

“So it’s not like a cheque that they can walk away with, not at all. It has to be used specifically for a SAIT program.”

In conjunction with this centennial milestone, Downey, along with other staff members working on the centennial project, were tasked with creating memorable and meaningful events to go along with the celebrations.

“We had planned all along, as we were working on centennial, to put scholarships in place for existing students, so there would be quite a scholarship fund. Not right away, because we’re still building it, but in the next couple of years, that students will be able to access,” said Downey.

“Then we started joking around that there’s a future student that was going to be born on our actual birthday, and that was going to be our centennial baby. Then we thought, well, what a nice way that would be to pay tribute to Calgary, and to Calgarians, by offering a scholarship to the first baby born.”

“As soon as that idea made its way into our conversations, it was immediately the favourite among all of us,” said Johnson.

Once the baby is born, and the family has accepted the scholarship, SAIT’s president and CEO, Dr. David Ross, will meet with the family either on SAIT campus, or at the hospital to present the award to the baby.

As soon as that idea made its way into our conversations, it was immediately the favourite among all of us. – Andrew Johnson

“We’ve got the scholarship that we will be presenting, along with a whole bunch of other fun things. One of them being a blanket a staff member knit out of our logo, and we’ll give them some passes to have dinner at the Highwood restaurant, as well as some tickets for football games for the parents,” said Downey.

SAITs official centennial birthday will be on Sunday, Oct. 16, and there will be plenty of activities free to the public to take part in, and to help celebrate this milestone in SAIT’s history.

The centennial baby will be announced on Oct. 18, providing the family is rested, and has had time to relax and recover.


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