SAIT Insights seeking students who want to make campus life better

SAIT Insights is looking to bring in new students for its research panel to help make life on campus easier for everyone.

Since its launch in 2011, the SAIT Insights student panel has hosted on average, eight-to-10 surveys a year, covering campus topics such as campus life, media usage, advertising campaigns and technology usage.

SAIT Insights panel manager Poul Overgaard, believes they are centered on students.

“The only way to understand what’s going on at SAIT is by getting feedback from students,” said Overgaard.

Members of the panel fill out surveys which help shed light onto issues students may have during their time at SAIT.

At certain points in the school year, the panel recruits students for live discussion focus groups.

SAIT Insights sends out reminder emails to members for group discussions on various topics, and promotional photo shoots for the college.

Each survey the panel sends out includes a prize draw for the respondents, with a chance to win a gift card to participating businesses.

As participating businesses to contribute with gift card prizes, SAIT Insights has listed Best Buy, Market Mall and Tim Hortons.

The gift card amounts may vary depending on the given length or topic of a survey.

All surveys are completed online and can be completed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Panelists are regularly recruited in August and September, but students are encouraged to sign up at anytime.

Overgaard is happy to have existing panel members on board and encourages unregistered students to sign up.

“We will be happy to have you,” said Overgaard.

To sign up to volunteer for the panel, visit

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