Dynamic duo taking the court for SAIT women’s hoops team

A rare occurrence in sports is athletes getting the chance to play the same sport with their siblings, especially at a college level.

But that’s the situation SAIT Trojans women’s basketball players Alicia and Alexa Tan find themselves in this season.

Although the sisters had to get adjusted to it at first, it’s something that they take pride in, playing together on court for the first time in their careers.

“It’s a little weird, but a good weird,” said Alicia Tan.

“Not a lot of people can say they played with their sibling at a college level.”

Alicia Tan, who is three years older than Alexa, is in her fourth-year of eligibility, while Alexa is starting her first-year.

Despite the competitive nature of sports, the sisters found themselves playing well together and not being too competitive with one another.

“We get along really well on and off court,” said Alicia Tan.

“We have to, since we go home together,” added Alexa Tan.

Alexa found herself following in her older sister’s footsteps when she decided to attend SAIT, taking Business. Playing with her sister was just an added bonus.

“We were always hoping to play together,” Alexa Tan said “We just never expected (it).”

Coming into this season, the sisters bring a lot of skill to the team, as they are looking to contribute in hopes of winning a championship.

Alicia Tan has been a key player for the team in terms of scoring and playmaking ever since she made the switch from Mount Royal University team, to SAIT.

“We definitely want to make championships and then go onto provincials,” Alicia Tan said.

“For myself, I’m looking to lead the team to get there.”

Alexa says she’s looking to make an impact as a rookie and develop her skills as the season carries on.

“I want to help the team in any way I can,” Alexa Tan said.

Making the adjustment from playing high school basketball to the college level has been a smooth transition for Alexa.

We were always hoping to play together. – Alexa Tan

This is mainly due to the fact that the team this year has many first-year players that Alexa has played with before.

This has resulted in the chemistry of the team being the best since Alicia Tan has played for the team.

“Out of the three years, chemistry has been the best this year,” Alicia Tan said.

“We all have each others backs.”

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