SAITSA seeking seven more people to serve on BOD

After two days of student voting in October, seven new members were elected to SAITSA’s Board of Directors (BOD).

But the board has seven more seats available, and is seeking applicants to fill those spots.

Students interested in filling one of the open positions can apply by filling out an application form provided on SAITSA’s website.

“Many people would find it dry,” said Joshua Bettle, one of the new board members.

“But if you’re interested in governance, or you’re interested in the board level strategic operations, it would be the place for you to go.”

“We definitely are always looking for more people who can be a part of this.”

Applicants have until Nov. 10 to submit the necessary forms to SAITSA.

The October election didn’t attract a lot of interest from SAIT students.

After a short campaign, and a low 7.84 per cent voter turnout, Cameron Hodgins, Tanya Pittis, Daniel Caine, Mitch Holt, Donny Nichols, Jess Beddow and Bettle won seats on SAITSA’s governing body.

The voter turnout represented about 980 out of the roughly 12,500 eligible students, about half the number who voted in last year’s election.

“Your vote matters, and so does your friends and classmates,” said Rachel Paris, SAITSA’s governance and advocacy manager.

“The higher the voter turnout, the better represented SAITSA members are at the Board of Directors table.”

Bettle said that students should want to vote so they can have input on the direction the student association takes.

“Every student that is part of the student association invests a certain amount into it,” said Bettle.

“When you invest money into something, you should always have a say or at least the ability to speak your mind as to where that goes,” Bettle said.

“What do your student association fees go towards? Is the association spending that in an appropriate fashion? Are they working for the students or do they need to go in a different direction?”

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